AVI/NRCS Soil Survey Program

About our program

Learn what your soil nutritional needs are with our loaner Soil Testing Program. We have several soil testing probes from Oakfield Apparatus ready to ship out.

In your loaner box, there will be everything you need to sample: sample bags, the probe, return slip, soil test forms, and a prepaid box to send your samples to the testing lab. You will also receive an online guide on collecting samples and a soil report card available for free.

We loan probes for 2 or 3 weeks, mail your soil to our lab for analysis, and we will get you the results in an easy-to-understand format. Our two-year program in partnership with NRCS and the Division of Agriculture Alaska with AVI to build a map of Alaskan soil needs so that we can support our local communities.

This data will help in the goal of food security as communities and farmers look to developing new gardens or farmland as well as expand on their current operation. Coming in the spring we will also be looking to take a Soil Testing Road Trip to meet with and test as many sites as possible along the road system, but please contact us at anytime to loan a testing probe.

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